Kindle Fire Will Not Turn On

Customer -

My Kindle Fire will not turn on. I followed the manual instructions and it would not turn on. I charged it and nothing. I used another charger and still nothing. The Kindle Fire is less than a year old. It was a gift. Kindle is frozen.

Dimmusacio -

Even if it does not look like it is charging and even though it may be fully charged charge it using a different wall outlet than you normally do (a different room is best) for at least 10 minutes.

Do not skip that it is important.

It sounds like the firmware may be frozen try this and let me know the results hold the power switch for at least 60 seconds, Try this at least 6 times.

The firmware can sometimes get frozen the same way that a computer will occasionally.
If it still will not turn on let me know on this page: Click Here.