Samsung Stratosphere Wont Navigate to Contacts


I have a Samsung Stratosphere phone and have synced my g-mail contacts to my phone. When trying to use the navigation app (also a Google product) I am given the choice of navigation using my contacts but I receive a message that says I don't have any contacts with addresses. I do have addresses in some of my contacts but the Verizon people tell me that I have to enter the address in by voice (doesn't work very well) or type in each address each time I want to navigate somewhere. I have a hard time believing that Google would not have some way of syncing my g-mail with my navigation app. Can you help me?


Unfortunately this is a bug from the one of the map app updates. Right now the best way to do it is to open maps. Tap on directions and then choose end point. Tap on contacts and your contact list should open. Select your contact and then press navigate. You can also try updating your map app again and see if it works properly after that.