Upload iTunes Sound Bites to Samsung GT S5560


I have a GT S5560 Samsung mobile phone. I also have some sound bites in my iTunes on my computer. I would like to upload the sounds to my mobile, so that I can change calls for groups, for family or for professional calls. I don't have any idea how to do this. I would be deeply grateful if you can help me. I have no idea of what I should do, I'm afraid. I'm 60 and haven't got the easy understanding of all this that younger people like yourselves have.


You can not put audio from iTunes into your phone unless it is an iPhone. iTunes is made specifically to work with only apple products. However if you connect your phone to your computer and then click on start and computer (assuming you are using windows) your phone should be listed there. Open it and there should be a music folder. Drag and drop any music files you want on the phone into that folder.