Canon Pixma How To Remove Ink Cartridges


I have a Canon Pixma the children gave me. I sent for Pixma 210 black ink and Pixma 210 XL. I need help: How to I remove the old ink cartridge and replace it with a new one? Thank you for your help.


Look at the printer so you are facing the control panel. Then left the top of the machine from underneath the control panel (sometimes it is a little underneath that as well as the scanner can sometimes be below the control panel if it is lift from below that). It will open to the cartridge access area and the cartridges will move over to you. Lift the tab on top of the cartridge in the cradle you will need to push it in slightly while lifting the tab. Remove the old cartridge and then take any tape of the new cartridge and put it in. Close the tab on top of the cartridge and then lift the top of the machine a little bit and push in the stick that propped up the top. Let go and it will close by itself.