Monitor Flickers and Goes Dark


My monitor goes dark. When i get it back on i do not lose whatever i was doing. Had monitor checked, told to bring tower in to shop. Monitor starts to flicker then goes
completely dark. I turn monitor off then back on...everything i was working on is there. Continues to go off more frequently. Checked at best buy by geek squad was told to bring tower in. tower is new.


You may have a failing cable wiggle the cable on each end where it is connected to the monitor and tower and see if the same thing happens. If it does replace the cable. If it doesn't then next would be to test the monitor. In order to do that you would need to either connect the monitor to a different computer or connect a different monitor to the tower. Either will work. If the same thing happens and you connected the monitor to another computer the inverter in the monitor is failing and needs to be replaced. If you connected a different monitor to your tower and the same thing happens it is a problem with the graphics card in the tower.

If you don't have another tower or monitor you can bring your monitor to a local computer shop (not best buy, staples, or office max) a smaller one. They will normally connect the monitor to a tower for you for free if you tell them you just want to see if it is working. Same with connecting the tower to a different monitor.