How to Slipstream a Windows Installation

Some computers require drivers for the hard drive to be recognized by windows. These do not always install automatically. Slip streaming will eliminate the need for the extra disc needed for these drivers. You can also add updates to windows and hot fixes if you would like to.
  1. First download Nlite it is a free program that we will be using to do this. Vlite is what you will need if you are doing this with windows vista.
  2. Open nlite and put the windows cd in the drive. Point nlite to the drive that the windows disc is in.
  3. Now at settings you can skip this part. Download sp3 and add it as well as any hotfixes and updates you would like from nlite. Then also add the drivers for your hard drive.
  4. Burn the image to a disc so that you can install from the slip streamed disc.

Tips & Warnings
  • Be patient with this as it can be strenuous
  • Do not throw away your old windows disc just in case something happens to the slip streamed version